Mossy Oak Hand Warmer (10hr)
Mossy Oak Hand Warmer (10hr)

Mossy Oak Hand Warmer (10hr)


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The Mossy Oak® Hand Warmer is an American made innovation. The Mossy Oak Hand Warmer® lasts for up to 10+ hours and can be used in gloves, pockets, headwear, and any other place where soothing heat is desired. The Mossy Oak® Hand Warmers are sold as pairs only.

Product Specs

  • Individual packs (1 pair) of Hand Warmers provide protection and instant, long-lasting warmth for your body in cold outdoor activities. 
  • Hand Warmers fit inside of Heat Factory gloves, beanies, and other accessories.
  • Simply open the outer packaging and expose the hand warmer packet to air 
  • Safe, non-toxic and odorless heat 
  • Hand Warmers are proudly made in the USA

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