Package of Heat Factory footwarmer insoles
Heat Factory footwarmer insoles pads
Foot Warmer Insoles adhered to bottom of foot
Foot Warmer Insoles (7hr)

Foot Warmer Insoles (7hr)


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Product Details

Heat Factory Warmer Insoles are designed to be worn with socks inside shoes, boots and other air-restricting footwear. Heat Factory's Foot Warmer Insoles provide up to 6 hours of reliable, even heat. The Foot Warmer features an adhesive backing that adheres to the bottom of your sock, allowing it to stay in place when walking, biking, hiking, skiing and other activities. The Insole foot warmer has an ultra-thin design for comfort and measures the full length of an average insole to ensure your entire foot stays warm. The Heated Insole is designed for restricted air environments and therefore is not intended for use in open air. 

Product Specs

  • Pack of 30 pairs of adhesive Foot Warmer Insoles that adhere to the bottom of your sock
  • Provides up to 6 hours of continuous warmth
  • Adhesive backing keeps insole in place on socks when worn in shoes; ideal for walking, biking, hiking, skiing and other activities
  • Safe, non-toxic and odorless warmers are pre-mixed with a biodegradable ingredients that generate heat when exposed to air

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