Heat Factory Heated Back wrap showing placement of warmers
Heat Factory back wrap
Diagram of ways to use heated back wrap
Heated Back & Body Wrap

Heated Back & Body Wrap


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The Heat Factory Back Wrap is the perfect solution for a sore back. The Heat Factory Back and Body Wrap features two pockets that hold Heat Factory Large Warmers. Place over sore muscles and enjoy the soothing heat. It also keeps the kidneys warm, creating the feeling of warmth throughout the body. Easily transportable. Take it anywhere when you need a little extra warmth. Includes 2 Heat Factory Warmers (additional warmers sold separately). Made in USA.

Heated Back Wrap and Warmers

Two pockets over the kidneys helps to keep the whole body warm.  Insert disposable warmers into the 2 pockets and feel the warmth radiate through your body.  Each warmer lasts up to 20 hour of heat.  Adjustable closure for added comfort.  Use as often as you like, just replenish the specially designed heat packs as needed.

Pain Relief Through Natural Heat 

The back wrap is ideal for tired and sore muscles of the back, hips and shoulders. The soft and stretchable wrap features pockets for 2 heat packs each generating up to 20 hours of soothing heat. The fabric is durable, comfortable and machine washable.

Reduces Pain and Muscle Stress

Apply soothing heat to lower back by inserting heat packs into the 2 pockets on this reusable back wrap.

Increase Core Temperature

When we are cold, the blood vessels supplying warm blood to the skin become narrow or constricted, which lowers our overall body temperature. Using the Heat Factory warmers and the reusable back wrap provide you with warmth and all day comfort.