Heat Factory Heated Ragg Wool mitten glove
 Ragg Wool mitten/glove/ cap pulled back
Heated Ragg Wool mitten/glove/ cap over fingers
Heat Factory Ragg Wool Glove Image by: Axle Preston Price Ethington

Heated Ragg Wool Glove


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Product Details

Heat Factory Fleece-Lined Ragg Wool Gloves with Fold-Back Finger Caps and Hand Heat Warmer Pockets provide long-lasting warmth and protection to cold hands and are Great for getting in a cold car in the morning, outdoor sports activities and more. The Ragg Wool Gloves features retractable thumb and finger caps that provide you the flexibility to perform more delicate tasks. A pocket accommodating Heat Factory warmers is sewn into the top of the fold-over cap to keep focus areas warm. One pair of Heat Factory Hand Warmers is included, each providing up to 10 hours of warmth (additional warmers are sold separately). The wool-blend stretches to ensure maximum dexterity. The Ragg wool glove is insulated with Thinsulate - providing maximum insulation with minimum bulk.

Product Specs

  • 100% Wool
  • Fleece-Lined Ragg wool gloves provide long-lasting soothing heat and protection for outdoor activities from the cold
  • Fold-back thumb and finger mitten caps allow you flexibility to perform delicate tasks
  • Durable wool glove lined with Thinsulate insulation, have soft fleece cuffs
  • Includes one pair of Heat Factory Hand Warmers that last up to 10 hours each
  • One size fits most woman's hands