Heat Factory Outdoor Big Pack
Heat Factory handwarmers- 6 pair in Outdoor Pack
Large body warmers-- 3 units in Outdoor pack
Toewarmers-- 3 pair included in Outdoor pack

Outdoor Warmer Big Pack (Combo)


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Product Details

Heat Factory Outdoor Warmer Pack includes six pairs of Hand Warmers that provide up to 10 hours of heat when tucked into caps, pockets and gloves; three pairs of Toe Warmers that provide up to six hours of heat when used in socks, shoes and boots; and, three Large Body Warmers that provide up to 20 hours of heat when inserted into Stadium Seat Cushions, fanny packs and other accessories. Ideal for a variety of outdoor activities, the Heat Factory warmer is a soft, lightweight pouch containing a mixture of iron powder, charcoal, salt and vermiculite. When exposed to the air, an oxidation process takes place that generates heat. Heat Factory warmers are specially engineered to provide heat that is long-lasting, comfortable, and even. Heat Factory continually tests its products to ensure that you receive only the highest quality warmers that will consistently deliver warmth as advertised. Once activated, Heat Factory warmers can even be saved for later use (preferably within a week) if placed in an airtight container. Unopened, the Heat Factory warmer has a shelf life of three years or more. Proudly designed and hand-made in the USA, Heat Factory's air activated hand warmers, body warmers, toe warmers, and heated accessories have been providing warmth and pain relief to outdoor enthusiasts for the past 30 years.

Product Specs

  • Pack includes 6 pairs of Hand Warmers, 3 pairs of Toe Warmers, and 3 Large Body Warmers
  • Warmers provide protection and instant and long-lasting warmth to your body in cold outdoor activities
  • Simply open the outer package and expose the warmer packet to air for an instant heat source
  • Safe, non-toxic and odorless heat warmers are pre-mixed with a mixture of iron powder, charcoal, salt and vermiculite
  • Unopened, the warmer has a shelf life of three years or more